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Onguard Armoured Lock

Onguard Armoured Lock


Product Code: ONGS128

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 The OnGuard Rottweiler 5026 bicycle lock is a "Moderate Defense" bike lock with a 3 out of 6 security rating on the A&J's bike lock security scale. This 40" x 3/4" bike lock is best for low to moderate crime areas. The super strong twisted cable with hardened steel links provide adequate protection from low level bike attacks and theft attempts. The tough vinyl cable cover protects your bike's finish and eliminates scratches from the bike lock, as well as rough and tumble wear. The OnGuard Rottweiler 5026 bike lock comes with 5 keys. 4 of these keys are laser cut and 1 is lighted for ease of use in the dark. Dimensions: 40" x 3/4" (100cm x 20mm)

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