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9 Speed Chain

9 Speed Chain


Product Code: 9 SB138

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Dimensions 1/2" x 11/128" 116 links
Color Silver/Gray
Weight 293gr.
Compatibility 9 speed drive


KMC's X9 series chains are the workhorses, so to speak, of KMC's chain range. These chains feature the best of KMC's technology: XSP for maximum chain life, and X Bridge for superior shifting performance. The X9 lacks only the weight saving features of the SL series, but comes in at less than half the price of those lightweight chains. Another standard KMC chain treatment is their Bull's Eye pin riveting. Using the patented "Lat Step" process, which seals the outer plates with a massive 350 kilograms of force, KMC makes arguably the strongest chain connection in the industry today. At Fair Wheel we can attest to this fact, having observed first hand extremely low failure rates and high customer satisfaction. We highly recommend this chain for its superior shifting performance and long life. Additionally, it is suitable for both road and mountain use, and will perform as well or better than any other chain on the market. Included is KMC's re-usable "missing link" master link for easy removal and re-installation.

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